Mali & Liz's wedding highlight

Venue: Redbrow Garden

Photographer: Caleb

Redbrow Garden wedding – the holy union of Liz and Mali


Autumn is my favorite season as I find it extremely vibrant. I love to capture the myriad shades in which nature dons itself. So, when Liz and Mali contacted us to shoot their wedding at Redbrow Garden, I was more than happy. Let’s see their wedding photos set in an idyllic setting.

Canberra Wedding at Redbrow Garden

I began the album with a shot of the maple leaves to set the tone of the outdoor wedding. Take a quick view of the wedding dress of the bride and the groom’s accessories. If you are already feeling impatient, here is the bride for you. A lot of fun happened while she was getting ready for the wedding. Her friends and mom made sure she looked ravishing in her wedding attire.

In the meantime, Mali was also busy donning his suit. He has an infectious smile that touches the heart.  We took these snaps outdoor for a natural touch. He waited for Liz near the famous lake of Redbrow Garden. We loved to compose these snaps with the glistening water of the lake and the colorful maple leaves in the background.

You can have a glimpse of the wedding preparation that was supervised by the parents of the couple. Liz and Mali walked down the aisle amidst a lot of cheering.

They took the wedding vows and exchanged rings in the presence of their near and dear ones. We let our camera roll, capturing all the moments, emotional but fleeting. Being a Canberra wedding videographer, I know the importance of these moments. We hope when the couple watches these, they will be flooded with memories.

The family and friends of the couple were so happy and hugged the newlywed couple. The group photos look so bright and warm with their smiles. The emotional bond made these photos look so special.

It was time for the couple to enjoy a little privacy. As they went out for a stroll, we didn’t miss the opportunity to frame their love and intimacy. These photos look charming with the green canopy and the patches of colorful maple leaves.

When it comes to reception, the tables were laid with nature-inspired décor ideas. The guests gathered to witness the cake cutting and enjoy their drinks. The speeches were emotional and touched all. The night ended with fireworks and the couple promising each other a life full of love and laughter.

As a Canberra wedding photographer, I am happy to create this wedding album for Liz and Mali. We wish them a happy and joyous married life.