Salim & Sahar

Venue: Redbrow Garden


Wedding of Sahar and Salim – a memorable affair at the Redbrow Garden


Here’s a wedding album that we will long remember; shot at Redbrow Garden, it is very special to us. As a Canberra wedding photographer, I am proud of creating this album. It celebrates colors, warmth, and above all, love. Here is the wedding album of Sahar and Salim for you.

The table decoration caught our fancy, and so we decided to begin the album with these shots. We also walked a different path and included shots of the groom first. Salim is a handsome guy without any air. It’s time to meet the bride, the pretty Sahar who went to meet her groom by the lakeside. She looked stunning in her white gown. With a gorgeous smile and big smiles, she stole the show.

We love the outdoor shots. Look at these, beautiful maple leaves in multiple hues adding colors to them. Picture perfect, right? Redbrow is known for its maple trees and lake, and we captured all its iconic spots in this wedding album.

Sahar and Salim wanted to spend some time alone, so we followed them with our camera. We captured some priceless photos of the couple. There was a drizzle, and so Salim had to carry an umbrella. The white umbrella worked as a perfect accessory, matching the bride’s attire.

It was time for the wedding, and everybody was waiting for the couple. The wedding was a simple and romantic affair. With the natural light streaming through the boughs, we got some fantastic shots of this outdoor wedding. Heartwarming and candid, you will love to see the photos of the romantic wedding of Sahar and Salim.

After the ceremony, we took more photos of the couple in the woods. They were relaxed and gave candid poses. We wished the photoshoot won’t end, but it was time for more celebration, and the guests were waiting. They wished the couple and enjoyed themselves. The cake was cut amidst a loud cheer. The first dance was very romantic and won everyone’s praise.

The dinner was more eventful, with all the guests ready to shake their legs. There were games and a lot of excitement. As a Canberra wedding videographer, I enjoyed shooting these events. The night was lit with love and stars.

Being wedding photographers, we have shot many such events, but this Redbrow wedding would always remain special for us. We wish Sahar and Salim a happy married life.