Wedding Photographer can shoot your big day in Queanbeyan

As a leading studio in wedding photography, Agape Studio service Queanbeyan and a range of other locations across Australia. We pride ourselves on capturing beautiful and candid moments displayed by the bride and groom and their guests, rather than just posed and stylised images that don’t represent the true emotion of the day. Your wedding is a bespoke story told by your love and deserves to be expressed in a lovely and exciting way. If you are in the Queanbeyan area and need a personable wedding photographer, have a look at our work and share your story with us.

In addition to our wedding photography services, our team is highly skilled in videography and will happily film your wedding and record the emotions of the day. We aim to tell a story of the event in a whimsical and immersive nature, with footage of tears and laughter and lovely little surprises.

Our point of difference in the wedding photography industry

Weddings are extremely important and significant events, no question about it. They are wonderful events that gather families and friends from both sides to witness the special commitment two people want to make to each other. It is a time for joy, a time for tears, and most importantly a time to remember, this is why I believe photos and videos are great keepsakes.

Your big day will be filled with details that may not always catch your eye the first time you see them, but in our wedding photography, we endeavor to showcase each moment for you to look back on and enjoy forever. Our team will help you feel at ease when taking images and will accurately capture your emotions and interactions in order to tell your very own love story.

We would love to hear from you, reach out today to our wedding photographer

Agape Studio offers a wealth of experience, and our professional wedding photographer knows how to capture the right angles, structures and colours to ensure your images come out just as you intend. With professional perspective, comes respect, and our wedding photography team are well-renowned in many Australian states. If you would like to hear more about our portfolio, we encourage everyone to reach out. We are honoured by all the amazing couples we have had the opportunity to work with and would love to work with you too.