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Agape Studio is the leading studio offering the unique Canberra wedding photography service as well as in other region in New South Wales. My passion of being a Canberra wedding photographer is to capture the tremendous and candid moment on weddings instead of directing couples with lots posture. We believe that every wedding is a unique love story and should be expressed in an exceptional way. If you are looking for an affordable and skilled Canberra wedding photographer, please check our fabulous work and let us know about your story.

Besides, Agape Studio isn’t only skilled in affordable wedding photography, we also offer service in Canberra wedding videography. What we are pursuing isn’t just a record of a wedding but more story telling. I love how my clients immerse themselves with tears and laughter in the video I made for them (Kindly check the review on my FB page) and enjoy the unexpectedness that I offered to them.


Wedding photography can help you capture special moments to cherish forever

Without questioning it, wedding is an extremely significant event in everyone’s life no matter what ages they are at. It is the special day that gathers families and close friends together to celebrate and share the joy and tears, especially it’s probably the best opportunity to meet all your loved ones from other states or countries. Therefore, this is the moment that everyone wants to cherish and keen to capture every detail of the special day. However, professional photography isn’t only just capturing the process of the wedding but more importantly to express the emotion and interaction in a story-telling way. This requires not only professional equipment but also a professional perspective such as the angles, structures and colour. Though wedding photography is a great way to deliver the emotion through the pictures yet wedding videography can even enhance the feeling when engaging the audiences.

We were originally based in Brisbane and have been working with quite a few amazing couples where you can check those works in our portfolio or social media. And now we are keen to spread our wedding photography business and become a well-known Canberra wedding photographer. We love the landscapes and the sceneries here and we can’t wait to make someone’s heart melt in wedding photography in Canberra.

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If you are looking for the best wedding photographer and videographer in Canberra, please have a chat with us and tell us about your story.