Nathan and Jessica

Canberra wedding videography | Oaklands Pambula, NSW | Cinematic Videographer

Jess and Nathan’s beachside ceremony was a photographer and videographer’s dream. Gentle crashing waves, blue sky with no clouds in sight. The classic, vintage cars nonchalantly pulling up and all the smiling, happy faces. The simply gorgeous setting was enough to make anyone fall in love.

Jess wore her classy gown with a sense of gentle seriousness. Her and Nathan had a natural ease in the way they interacted with each other throughout the day. The beachside ceremony was a joy to film—the gentle breeze and the sound of small waves crashing into shore. When it came time for the reception, the string lights paired with the dim lighting of the reception space made for a rustic and intimate feel. The celebration was a genuinely joyous occasion, and it’s so fun to be a Canberra videographer on an occasion like this.

This was one of those wedding days where you could feel the love radiating from the couple and all of their friends and family; A day where you truly believed every word of what their vows say.

When filming on a day like this, you can’t help but believe in matches made in heaven. As Jess said in her vows, this is a couple that wakes up and chooses each other a million times over, not out of force, but out of want. Capturing the moments where a couple like this pledge their love to each other for eternity is truly an honor and a pleasure. I feel so lucky to be able to capture a true love and passion when I see one, and it is a true blessing to be able to do this as my career. It was another truly lovely Canberra wedding. Jess and Nathan, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Thanks for having me.


Venue: Oaklands Pambula
Photographer: Daisy Hill Photography
Wedding Videographer: AGAPE Wedding Film

Andrew and Clare

Wedding videography Canberra | The old coach stables Gunning NSW | Cinematic Videographer


Andrew and Clare’s wedding day was one of those bright and beautiful days that make your heart sing. The slight breeze of the afternoon and the sun shining over the ceremony made you feel like you could truly feel the love Andrew and Clare are blessed to share. The old brick walls, dim lighting and wooden details of the venue paired with the brightness of the afternoon made for an elegant yet rustic experience. The old coach stables was a lovely place to spend the day.


This couple’s love for each other was so evident throughout the whole day. The joy radiating from each other and their loved ones was an honor to capture in film. Their exchange of vows was one of my favorite parts of the day to film. The words they spoke were true, which was evident through the way they looked at each other—a total respect and honor for one another. Clare wore her elegant dress with a smile, and the two moved gracefully throughout the day with ease. It is always fun to see and capture these natural partnerships on wedding day, and that is why I feel blessed to do what I do. The helicopter arrival and the champagne explosion were an added plus.


Andrew and Clare are a couple that make you believe that even through the hardships of life, a certain love will always prevail. When evening grew, their joyful smiles brightened the setting sun. If you possess that kind of love, you are truly lucky. This is the kind of love that Andrew and Clare are blessed with, and it was an honor to capture that in film.


My heartfelt congratulations goes out to Andrew and Clare—it was an honor to be there with you on your wedding day. Another perfect Canberra wedding in the books.

Venue: The Old Coach Stables Gunning
Videographer: AGAPE Wedding Film