Mali and Liz

Canberra wedding | Redbrow Garden | Wedding photography

Autumn is my favorite season as I find it extremely vibrant. I love to capture the myriad shades in which nature dons itself. So, when Liz and Mali contacted us to shoot their wedding at Redbrow Garden, I was more than happy. Let’s see their wedding photos set in an idyllic setting.

Linda and Mark

Canberra wedding videography | Kimo Estate, NSW | Cinematic Videographer

Spontaneous. Simple. Candid. These are the words that would come to your mind when you see the wedding video of Linda and Mark. This jovial couple impressed us with their simplicity. As their Canberra wedding videographer, we decided on a candid and minimalistic style.

Venue: Kimo Estate
Canberr wedding videographer: AGAPE wedding film